domingo, 1 de abril de 2012

Get Xbox Live Free!
Hello Friends, Points2shop is the best paying program which i have ever seen before, in this program we can earn by two ways.

1) Referrel Program: If your from Uk, USA or CA you will get 15% of your referrals earn, 3% of sub referral earnnings and 2% of third level, and also u can earn $1.00 for each US and Uk members you refer.

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Now i will tell the procedure of how to get free XBox 360Live .
Points2shop is a good program where we can get free gifts . Here we have a way to get XBox 360 Live! for Free.It is very easy to get and there is no fraud in this program. You will get completely free XBox 360 Live by doing a simple surveys at points2shop. You may think that surveys are boring but it is not. Surveys are good and the only way you will get Free XBox Live without paying a single penny on the item.Except promotions and surveys the remaining programs which you find is will be a scams.. Read on below to learn the steps on how you can get Free XBox Live!

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Please give the full information of yours in order to receive your gift to you. After you signup, Please verify your confirmation mail id which you will recieve signup bonus and.

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Get Prizes : After you earn points , you need to redeemed your points with the products like Free XBox Live. If you have enough points in your account you can buy products from Amozon with your points. Once if you get your prize to you , you will notice that this site is really good.

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quinta-feira, 22 de setembro de 2011


Neobux is one of the most trysted ptc sites on the internet with over 3 million members registered. Neobux started the activity in march 2008 and paid every member since then.

What is special about this ptc website is that payments are processed intantly, meaning that you request your payment and in 5 seconds, it's in your Alertpay or Paypal account.

Neobux is officially approved by Paypal, even given a "valuable costumer" status by Paypal.

Minimum payout is set at £2.00 for yor first payout request, $3.00 for the second, $4.00 for the third and so on until $10.00.

There is a forum available in multiple languages so that most of the members can discuss in their own language with each other.
For Payment proofs click here.

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Clixsense has 4 years of online presence and it is one of the best ptc sites on the internet. If you make money with other ptc site don't waste a second thinking if it's a good thing to join this site or not!
This is a the real deal, you will make more money with this one, than from all the other ptc sites combined.
Its admin is also the admin at (adhitz offers advertising at affordable prices).
Clixsense is an elite ptc site according to and in my opinion it will be here for many years and they will deliverwhat they promise.
Right at the time of writing this post Clixsense has 1.511.881 members and I think more than 2000 people join this site every day and itpaid is members 1.360.716.

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Incentria is run by the same person that owns ptc Clicksia. Actually it is twin website because:
It has the same fees for clicks, reading ads and signups as Clicksia;
It has the same fees to upgrade as Clicksia;
The payout is at $1

The only difference is that there is no forum.
Incentria is a trusted ptc and it has paid is members so far without delays. There are no complains and no significantly issues that remained unsolved.

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